Connective Wellness

Sheena Taggart RMT is a Calgary Massage Therapist that specializes in MFR (Myofascial Release).  With her MFR techniques she is a very effective sports massage therapist.

Connective Wellness has successfully helped many people with our well trained sports massage therapist Sheena Taggart RMT.  Injuries that are over 25 years old are now pain free and restored to full function.  People are raving about Sheena’s new MFR(Myofascial Release) technique as many patients walk out of their first appointment with well over 50% decrease in pain and an amazing sense of well being that puts relaxation massage to shame.

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Watch an impromptu video of the Myofascial Release Unwinding technique courtesy of Celeste Theory. What you are witnessing is an unwinding of Celeste's recent traumas that she's put on her body that was causing her great discomfort.

The Myofascial System, the conduit of consciousness. Without awareness there is no choice.